Get your niche targeting RIGHT and you're smiling all the way to the bank!
(proof later)

But the sad fact is …

… far too many marketers these days consider market research and niche selection at the bottom of their marketing priorities. Hence why most set up yet another weight loss website targeting “lose belly fat” as their 'primary' keywords.

Then when the s*#t hits the fan (which it will) they throw in the towel and complain that internet marketing doesn’t work.

Have you ever heard the saying: “You're fighting a losing battle!” ?

I want you to think about these two scenarios:

* NOTE: I’m going to use the word "you to describe a whole bunch of people that fit into these scenarios. I don’t mean YOU personally *

Scenario #1:

You’ve been dabbling in marketing online for a while…

You’ve read almost every “How to Guides About Online Marketing” out there. You have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done.

You have a few websites in various niches, weight loss, DIY energy, get your ex back and so on…

Your market research was pretty much nonexistent and your chosen niches weren’t really researched properly.

You found what you thought would be a HOT selling product and knocked up a landing page (not your bad, after all that’s what all the “other” how to guides tell you to do).

But you’ve yet to make any “real” money. But what heck, it must be the niche right?

There’s tons more products on ClickBank that’s selling like crazy so I’ll just knock up another landing page, no biggy.

The next one’s bound to work…

Here's if you had to do it "differently"…

Scenario #2:

You’ve read a few “How to Guides About Online Marketing” that’s out there.

You took some of what the best ones said and devised a formula.

You realized a while ago that a Need/Want/Desire (NWD) has to be there FIRST before a solution can be found.

You don’t follow everyone else (you're different – right?). After all these “dime a dozen” weight loss sites are everywhere.

You want to stand out from the crowd, really get to know your niche and become a trusted authority (you don't have to be an expert – more later) that peeps go to and spend their money.

You have a few websites, all in hungry buying niches that you've chosen based on extensive niche and market research.

You know your niches inside out before you even think about creating a website.

Your choices are fully thought out processes and you have considerable knowledge of the “who’s what’s, where’s and how’s" of your niches.

You get your niches converting before you move on to another niche.

You make around $2000 to $3000 a month from a couple websites you've optimized. You also know that in a year or so time you will have doubled if not tripled your monthly earnings.

Unfortunately there’s only about 5% of “marketers” that have scenario #2’s success.

The majority fall into the first scenario.

I'll let you in to a widely known secret yet rarely utilized:

Your marketing campaign is set up for success or doomed to failure the very second you decide to enter a specific niche.

Re-read that last sentence again.

Choosing a niche is the very first “vital” step that you MUST do for marketing online. Every thing that you do after that is determined by the quality of that initial (hopefully 'informed') decision.

So what are you going to see in 'The Niche Selection'?

It was written for marketers just like you to become a master in profitable niche selection just like the marketer in scenario #2.

I’ve divided it into three parts. It’s extremely important that you don’t skip any steps or processes detailed.

PART #1: Finding Profitable Niches

You'll be shown techniques on how to come up with more niche ideas than you'll ever know what to do with!

You'll be taught different methods to discover new niches and sub-niches to promote "profitable" products in.

This is a massive area where you'll learn 18 different techniques to find those HOT niches. Every single one of them laid out for you to replicate.

You can't fail!

But if you miss this step you may as well pack up and forget internet marketing.

Don't even think about a plan, a system, or a website BEFORE you've found a profitable niche.

It may not be the "sexiest" step of internet marketing, but it's the MOST crucial!

PART #2: Validating Your Niches

Learn how to put your niches to the profitability test.

You've done your market research, you've found a niche, and you're ready to CRUSH it

… but are you sure?

Are you sure that the niche or sub-niche you've chosen WILL make you money. Will paying customers be ready and wanting to buy what you're offering?

Let's go back the Scenario #1 above. Let's say that person put up a weight loss website in the hope they're gonna crush it. After all, the weight loss market is a massive money pot – right?

But he/she didn't do the homework within the niche to see if his chosen product converts within the niche/sub-niche they're targeting.

Often a specific product will only appeal to a specific "sub-niche" within that market. But you must know which product and which sub-niche to target.

Get that down-pat and peeps WILL buy it regardless.

For example …

… a "magic pill" for weight loss often performs well (yes, people are lazy – many want a magic pill). It will sell like HOT cakes to a specific audience within that niche.
(AKA: sub-niche)

That doesn't mean it will connect with the entire market … health fanatics, fitness guru's, etc. It WONT!


You have to make 110% certain the product you've chosen is a fit for that sub-niche and there's buyers ready. If you cannot find proof there is; then you're flogging a dead horse!

PART #3: Niche Nitty Gritty

Getting to know your niche inside-out will help you connect, target, and MULTIPLY your bottom line!

So you've got your sub-niche down pat, made sure you've found a HOT product and established there's a buying hungry audience …

… you now need to get down to the nitty gritty of PROFILING your target audience.

You NEED to understand who they are. You must know their Needs / Wants / Desires (NWD's) or you're shooting blindfolded in the dark.

Without having a customer profile (AKA: Customer Avatar), you may as well be selling ice to an Eskimo.

You will be shown exactly how to do this. How to get inside their heads, think like them, become involved in what they need / want / desire – you'll almost become them!

And THIS my friend is a crucial part of the "PUZZLE" to making a profitable online business.

This will help you exponentially understand what their pain is.

What they're feeling. Empathize with them. Talk to them. And give you a clear insight of what they're looking for …

… by doing this, you can TARGET them and ONLY them to provide the exact solution for their needs (NWD's)!

One popular and yet MASSIVE mistake you're often taught is to:

"Find a product first and then pimp the crap out of it!"


"OLD School" marketing doesn't work today.

What amazes me the most is that people still do this and are surprised when they fail.

I’m also amazed to find that a lot of marketers cannot determine the differences between the overall market and niches within that market. They find a good market but don't know how to narrow it down to a granular level.

I’ll tell you right now, again …

Researching within a market for a PROFITABLE niche is the most important step!

( some background … )

My name is Mark Acutt (you probably gathered that by the logo) and I've been marketing FULL TIME online since late 2007. Believe me when I tell you …

Not only is researching a profitable niche extremely vital to your online success, but it's also the BUILDING BLOCKS for your business.

Once you have one up and running, expand it, grow it, replicate it …

THEN move on to another.

This ONE step is where most peeps fall down on. I admit, when starting it was the toughest challenge I faced.

But I was made very aware by a very good friend (and marketing buff – see pic later…) just how important this was. I understood that my niche selection would make or break EVERYTHING that followed.

I dedicated a couple days to research (I was new), and after extensively calculating different markets…

… I selected one from my shortlist!

Then set to work creating the website, the offer, and creating my first campaign.

On the 22nd November 2007 it went LIVE. I can still remember it like yesterday. Refreshing AdWords, watching clicks, constantly monitoring for any sales!

It was a success. It was churning a profit…

… and literally less than 2 months later – as a fresh-out "newbie", I was enjoying some $500+ days!

I've managed to dig out some screen captures I'd taken back then …

Pay attention to Jan 13

Google AdWords spend for 13th January 2008

Sales: $628.78
Ad Cost: $97.47

NET Profit: $531.31

Not long after with a little more tweaking and optimizing I managed my first $600+ day!

Here's the ad spend for 2nd February 2008.

Sales: $666.76
Ad Cost: $56.10

NET Profit: $610.66

All this was accomplished on my very FIRST campaign (which I then expanded to now what we know as BING)!

Proof that selecting a profitable niche and understanding what your customers want (profiling) WILL pay dividends.

But you have to do the leg work to get there. It's no use going in all guns blazing only to find out you've run out of bullets!

This is why I've put together The Niche Selection for you. It's MY own personal system.

I've created it for you so you can select a profitable niche within a market. A niche with buyers ready and waiting. To teach you how to learn to understand who your customers are. What their needs, wants or desires are.

You'll see and learn "How to …"

  • … find profitable markets of interest
  • … research a profitable niche within a market
  • … make certain the niche has buyers ready and waiting
  • … profile your potential customer
  • … understand your customers needs, want and desires

Contradictory to what others tell you, I always suggest to begin looking in markets that YOU have an interest in. There's nothing worse than working within a market that you don't.

Been there, done that.


You'll get bored, won't be able to "connect" as well with the audience, and eventually you'll lose the will to develop it.

The Niche Selection teaches you how to do it properly. How to research and find those profitable niches within your markets of interest.

Find these and you're onto a winner. You'll be giving yourself a MASSIVE advantage by following what is taught.

Work smarter, NOT harder is my personal belief. If you put this into practice and you'll see exactly what I mean.

I'm so confident that you're going to find The Niche Selection SO valuable that I'm also giving you a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If you're not happy I'll refund 100% of your money – no questions asked.


You can't put a price tag on choosing a profitable niche. Once you've found, developed, and progressed that niche then you'll have the ammunition to do it again!

Anyone that knows me knows I ALWAYS over deliver on my products. My products are created from scratch. Not recycled garbage. They're always created from the systems I implement in my own business.

The Niche Selection is not a "push" button gimmick. It's the real deal. It's going to teach you how to find those profitable niches and make YOU profitable.

I'll be honest with you, it requires some work on your part …

… but doesn't creating, developing and growing ANY business require your involvement?

If it was SO easy everyone would be doing it – right?

Read it, follow it step by step, do the steps, take notes, and most importantly – IMPLEMENT it.

Before you know it you too will be profitable. No more chasing your own tail or buying into the latest products that only give you half the story.

The Niche Selection is a FULL product – it tells you everything you need to know about selecting a profitable niche.

It's over 120 pages in length. – Yes, some may say that's "too much", but what can you be taught in a 20 or 30 page training program?

Not much.

This isn't a half-baked system. It's NOT been thrown together in 4 days. It's literally taken months to put together.

And believe me when I say – it's ALL meat and potatoes. It shows you exactly how to do it with real examples and findings.

So what's it worth? …





You can't put a label on it. I can't put a label on it. You can't put a price on the success of your business.

By doing exactly what's laid out in The Niche Selection I'm able to live very comfortably with my family and friends in beautiful sunny Spain.

Leaving my full time job and moving to Spain is the BEST thing I ever did.

But it's taken a lot of 'smart' work to get this far.

I will teach YOU the most crucial steps of building a PROFITABLE online business.

I'm not greedy, so I've put a more than reasonable ticket on The Niche Selection, it's my system, and it's the only system you'll need to follow for any market you enter.

Get The Niche Selection and kickstart your online business the "RIGHT" way:


Here's a some "pre-release" testimonials from a few review copies I gave out (screen captures taken from actual emails):

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